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Plastic recycling news from the world of waste in February

It is time for the next instalment of our news round-up blog series, bringing you the latest interesting news from the plastic waste and recycling industry.

With just under one month to go until the Plastic Packaging Tax comes into effect, the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) has warned that the packaging sector isn’t ready, whilst UK supermarket Tesco has removed over 500 million pieces of unnecessary plastic from its own-brand range, in 2021 alone. Here’s the latest industry insight from February…

Packaging sector ‘not ready’ for plastics tax

The FPA has warned that the sector isn’t ready for the plastics tax to be introduced on April 1. Just over half of its members are unsure on what products are included in the scheme – with more than 80% admitting to relying on overseas suppliers for confirmation of recycled content.

70% of respondents have also appointed someone with sole responsibility of the administration of the tax as they feel it is too complicated.

Tesco removes half a billion pieces of plastic from own products

Supermarket giant Tesco removed 500 million pieces of unnecessary plastic from its own-brand packaging last year, in a bid to reduce its environmental impact.

Since the inception of the supermarket’s ‘4 Rs strategy: Remove, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’, it has now removed one and a half billion pieces of plastic from its UK business – comprising plastic bags, forks, and straws.

HMRC unveils fresh plastics tax guidance

In order to help businesses prepare for the upcoming plastic packaging tax, HMRC has released new guidance to help combat any confusion around the tax and is urging companies to familiarise themselves with the new legislation.

The guidance includes whether a manufacturer is liable for the tax as well as what other packaging is within the scope. The tax will affect those who do not include at least 30% recycled plastic in their packaging as well as packaging that is imported.

Pilot scheme to pay Glaswegians for recycling plastic bottles

Designed to make it easier for consumers to collect rewards if they’re returning single-use plastic bottles, HELPFUL and Mastercard have launched the first ever digital wallets and micropayments for the Scottish Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) pilot.

The scheme has been introduced to help reduce Scotland’s CO2 emissions by 160,000 tonnes per year. Consumers can download the Recycle Glasgow app and return their plastic bottle to one of the participating convenience stores across the city.

No new EPR system for 2023, Defra says

The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced that the Extended Producer Responsibility Reforms (EPR) will no longer be going ahead in 2023.

This means the current Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) system will continue throughout next year and the government will bring forward a Statutory Instrument to set recycling targets for the 2023 compliance period.

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