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Plastic recycling news from the world of waste in March

Welcome to the first instalment of our brand-new blog series, bringing you the latest interesting developments from the waste and recycling industry.

As we approach the beginning of Q2 in 2021, it’s uplifting to see so many environmental advances emerging all over the world, as industries work closely with one another to improve the future of our planet and foster a more circular economy.

Catch up on some of the latest plastic recycling news below…

World Water Day highlights plastic bottle crisis

Friends of the Earth and City to Sea urged politicians, organisations, and the public to join forces to reduce plastic pollution caused by single-use plastic water bottles.

The body estimated that around 60 billion bottles are produced in the UK every year – many of which end up littering our environment and clogging up our waterways.

Adopting a ‘refill and reuse’ approach can play a major part in reducing the problem, with the ‘Refill’ campaign already saving over 100 million of the containers from entering our waste stream.

UK government predicts 40% jump in recycled plastic use

The Treasury has forecast a 40% rise in the use of recycled plastic After once the plastic packaging tax is introduced in April 2022— resulting in carbon savings of nearly 200,000 tonnes in 2022 to 2023, based on current carbon factors.

The tax will be set at £200 per tonne for packaging made up of less than 30% recycled content.

Environment Agency confirms tighter export rules for Turkey

Tighter restrictions will be put in place on the export of waste plastics that are headed to Turkey for recycling.

The new rules signify an important step forward as mixed — and potentially contaminated — loads will need to be recycled within the UK, rather than offloaded to distant shores.

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