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“Indigo’s aim is to promote and develop truly innovative recycling and re-use solutions which genuinely deliver sustainable outcomes for our partners.”



Indigo Environmental Limited has built a reputation based on sustainable policies and innovative recycling solutions. We specialise in closed loop and re-use solutions for industry, manufacturing and local authorities.

The team at Indigo Environmental Limited has over 20 years experience in leading cost effective, sustainable recycling solutions. We have worked right across the industrial spectrum, from large corporate multi-nationals and house brands to specialised SME businesses.

Our main recycling centre is based in Widnes, Cheshire. We service a broad range of customers both locally and nationwide. From large multi-national organisations and local authorities to smaller manufacturing companies, our dedicated team of professionals’ process and recycle a wide variety of materials.


Commercially, Indigo encompasses and supports a wide range of sectors including; 


  • Plastic injection moulders and component manufacturers

  • Automotive industry

  • Process and manufacturing industries

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Local authorities and local councils

  • Waste management companies

  • Packaging manufacturers


We aim to provide truly innovative closed loop options for our customers in order to best meet the growing environmental demands of the 21st century. Over the years, we have provided many novel and ground-breaking solutions to our customers, saving them money and ensuring compliance with the growing demands of environmental legislation. Whilst we are not restricted to the type of enquiry, we are looking for certain types of material including;  


  • Process scrap, purge and skeletal waste from industries such as plastic injection moulding and the automotive industry

  • Used packaging such as drums, IBCs and containers from sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

  • Containers, buckets, tray and packaging from the food and beverage industry

  • Wheelie Bins and collection boxes from councils and local authorities

  • Plastic films such as LDPE and cardboard, baled or loose


We have invested extensively in the latest shredding, granulating and washing technologies. This now enables us to accept packaging such as buckets, drums and containers that were traditionally destined for landfill, due to their high levels of contamination. In the past, this packaging waste would have been destined for either landfill or incineration, both at a high cost and zero environmental benefit.


We provide full sustainability audits and assessments of our customer's operations and aim to ensure that we identify and develop new environmentally focused operations at our site. Our qualified team carry out DOC (Duty of Care) audits in order to ensure and assess full environmental fate.


For assistance or help with any enquiry please contact Paul Kinley.


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